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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Under God's Umbrella We Will Achieve Together

Welcome to our Nursery Class.  

On behalf of the nursery staff team, may I take this opportuity to welcome you and your child to St Patrick's Nursery.

We aim in the nursery to provide a happy, stimulating environment, where the children will enjoy discovering and learning. We provide a range of experiences and activities to help the children progress in the seven areas of learning which make up our curriculum. The key skills and Early Years Curriculum are delivered through a range of themes, developed through the interests of the children.

For part of each session, the nursery class will be divided into small groups known as key groups. In these groups the children will socialise with the same friends each day. They will have a snack and discuss various topics related to the weekly theme, including their literacy and numeracy activities. One member of staff will work with each key group on a daily basis.

As part of our weekly outside curriculum, the children will take part in "Wild Wednesday" sessions, starting on Wednesday 5th October. These sessions are to encourage our children to explore and discover all of the learning opportunities that take place outdoors. As we are going to be working primarily in our woodland area, could we ask you to provide old clothes, wellies and pair of shoes to change into every Wednesday from this date.

In order to provide extra resources for the children, we operate a nursery fund based on a voluntary contribution of £1.00 per week. However, any donations would be warmly welcomed. The money, which is usually collected on  Mondays is used to provide items such as cooking ingredients etc.

I hope this has given you all the information you need, but if you do have anything you wish to ask about, please do speak to us and we will be happy to help.

Mrs Copeland, Mrs Rivett and Patrycja.

Autumn 1  06.09.2016 - 21.10.2016

We start our term with the topic of 'All About Me'. This is a great way to get to know the children as it encourages them to discuss their likes/dislikes, favourite activities and things, their home and family etc. We will be playing lots of circle games to encourage caring for and getting to know each other and also to help establish the routines of the setting.

We will be encouraging the children to use mirrors to examine their faces and features and then create fantastic self portraits, nursery style!

Here are some pictures showing the fun we've had in January and February.

Summer 1   24.04.17 - 26.05.17

For this half term our topic is 'Splash'. We will be encouraging our children's imagination and creative skills by exploring paint, model making, different materials and cooking- all with a watery theme.

 We will be making boats out of our junk modelling resources and also during one of our Wild Wednesday sessions- when we will be creating leaf boats! Then we will be testing them to see if we can make a boat that this space!

 We will be listening to watery music and using our musical instruments to create a seaside band.

 Some of the stories we will be sharing are 'The Rainbow Fish', 'Shark In The Park',  'The Emormous Crocodile', and 'The Night Pirates'. We will also be investigating pond, river and marine environments through digital media and information books. We will let you know about our forthcoming Stay and Play sessions, the first for this half term will be on Friday May 19th between 8.45 - 9.45am. We look forward to seeing you there.

 We also continue to love to see anything our children have created at home, so please bring it in to share with the whole class.

Autumn 2 31.10.16 -16.12.16

Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term. This half term we will be learning about some of the Autumn and Winter festivals that occur. These provide an opportunity for some extremely enjoyable activities as well as providing an opportunity for children and adults to find out more.

We will be celebrating Bonfire Night by making chocolate bonfire apples to take home. We will be finding out about the Hindu and Sikh festival of Diwali and some of the customs associated with it. We will be following a trail of Diwali patterns in our Wild Wednesday session and making our own fantastic patterns with shiny paper and glittery paint. Towards the end of this half term, we will start to make our preparations for Christmas concert. We will be holding several festive Stay and Play sessions and , of course , rehearsing for our Foundation and Key Stage One Christmas Concert.

We welcome any pictures or photos from home- please send them in and we will display them on our nursery parents board.

Spring 1 4.01.17 - 17.02.17

Welcome back to Nursery, and we would like to wish you all a very happy new year.

Our new topic for the first half of the Spring term is "Come Outside!" As the weather changes from day to day, we will be going outside and experiencing the different elements, using all of our senses! Our first 'Wild Wednesday' of the new term will take place on Wednesday January 11th, when we will be going on a 'Bear Hunt !' Could we please ask you to dress the children in their warm clothes, wellies and provide a change of footwear so that we dont get our inside classroom all muddy, Thank you!

We will be taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch during our Wild Wednesday session of February 1st. We will be counting all of the birds that visit our Nursery and wildlife garden during our session. Please come and join us if you have any spare time on that day.

Our first 'Stay and Play' session of this new Spring term will be on Friday 28th January between 8.45- 9.45 am. We will be making items to celebrate Chinese New Year (the year of the Rooster).

If you have any Winter photos or pictures please send them in and we will display them on out Winter display board.

Spring 2   27.02.17 - 07.04.17

Welcome back to the second half of this half term. For the next six weeks our topic is 'Once Upon A Time'. We will be exploring stories with a traditional theme. If you wolud like to share the stories at home, here is our list for the next few weeks :-

Week 1- Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Week 2- The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Week 3- Jack and the Beanstalk

Week 4- The Three Little Pigs

Week 5- The Gingerbread Man.

Most of the stories can be found in the local library, on youtube or for ebooks on We will be creating a magic forest for our story book characters and making fantastic props and models to support our stories. Some of our cooking sessions will be themed around our stories such as making 'magic' sandwiches with golden eggs and cress for Jack and the Beanstalk week.

 Also we will be continuing our 'Wild Wednesday' sessions starting this Wednesday, March 1st with a hunt for Goldilocks' lost alphabet letters! Thank you for your help in making our sessions such a sucess, by providing wellies and a change of footwear throughout this very muddy Winter season.

 We will let you know about our forthcoming Stay and Play sessions, the first for this half term will be Friday March 10th between 8.45- 9.45 am. We will be icing biscuits with scary troll faces!

Also, we love to see anything our children create at home so please continue to bring things in for us to share with the whole class.

Summer 2   5.06.17 - 21.07.17

Growing and Minibeasts.

Welcome back to our last half term in Nursery! For the next few weeks, we will be encouraging our children to use their fantastic outside space to support their learning.

 We will be sharing stories and rhymes about minibeasts such as 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' , 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird' and 'Aaarrggh Spider!'. For our first Wild Wednesday session we will be taking part in our own minibeast safari. We will be creating clay, junk and dough models of some of our favourite minibeasts and making observational drawings and paintings

 Our role play area will be a garden centre to encourage imaginative play. Also we will keep you informed about our end of year activities including our 'Graduation Ceremony' and 'Really Wild Party' both of which will take place towards the end of this term.

 Our next 'Stay and Play' session will be on Friday 16th June between 8.45 -9.45 am. We look forward to seeing you there.