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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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Creative Curriculum

At St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School, we follow a ‘themed-based’ approach to the curriculum. This means that wherever possible, we group our subjects around a theme. The subjects covered are Science (KS1 only), Computing, Art & Design, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Music and Languages. We call this our Creative Curriculum. The topics we choose depend on two factors: what areas of the National Curriculum we must cover and the interests and needs of the children.

Please click the links for the National Curriculum Programmes of study:

Science - click here 

Computing - click here 

Art and Design - click here 

Design & Technology - click here

Geography - click here 

History - click here

Music - click here

Languages (KS2) - click here  


This year we are aiming for our Artsmark Award. Music is a large part of this. 

At St Patrick's music is a subject which provides children with vital opportunities to develop their aural memory, make

musical judgments, apply their new learning, express themselves creatively, using a wide range of materials and instruments.

“Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon.” National Curriculum Music. Click here to see the National Curriculum for Music.

In KS1, music is delivered through the Creative Curriculum and use of Music Express. 

In KS2, music specialists have been brought in to deliver the music curriculum. The children have greatly enjoyed learning to play new musical skills in theory and practical lessons.

There is also an extra curricula guitar club for our KS2 children, with Mrs Claire Rogers. These often result in fantastic concerts performed to the whole school!

 Year 1 and Year 5 also participate in Morning of Music, supported by the PAS. This year’s topic is Space! They will be attending and sharing their music with other schools in March.


Click here to see the milestones that children are expected to reach in Music at the end of Year 1/2 (milestone 1), Year 3/4 (milestone 2) and Year 5/6 (milestone 3).

Art and Design

At St Patrick's, Art and Design has a significant and valuable role to play in the ethos of the school. We believe that these subjects can be a  fantastic means of developing visual thinking and creativity. They can help to develop a sense of purpose, achievement and success and also increase self esteem.

 Children in all of the different key stages are encouraged to explore the visual language of art and design. They investigate a wide variety of materials, tools, methods and techniques through their activities using the creative curriculum.  They are encouraged to talk about their work and that of others.They are given opportunities to explore the history of art and the work of artists and designers.

Children's artwork plays an important part in creating an exciting learning environment within classrooms and opportunities in which to present work in other curriculum areas. Children's work from all classes is displayed throughout the school. Outstanding pieces of art work are 'exhibited' on our 'Art Star ' board for all of the children, parents and staff to enjoy.

Click on the photos below to see our current 'Art Stars'.


These are our amazing Art Stars for Summer!

Here are our fantastic Art Stars for Autumn 2015

Modern Foreign Languages

The teaching of Language at St Patrick's is vibrant and exciting. In Early Years and Key Stage 1 the focus is on many different languages, particularly those spoken by the children. Opportunities are taken to compare words from different languages, and during Registration an observer would be likely to notice the children responding with greetings in a variety of languages.

The language being discretely taught at Key Stage 2 is French. The teaching is delivered by a language specialist from Cardinal Wiseman. The MFL curriculum for Key Stage 2 follows the guidelines set out in the National Curriculum languages programme of study. ( Our aim is for Key Stage 2 children to leave with the skills and knowledge they need to continue their learning in MFL in Key Stage 3.